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Water Purification Systems

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Whole House Filtration

Whole house filters are an easy and affordable way to remove bad tastes, smells and harmful chemicals from your water supply. These filtration systems use large sediment and carbon filters to keep your whole house's water supply fresh and clear.

  • Removes smell and taste from whole house water supply.

  • Healthier showers and baths.

  • Extend life of water using appliances.

  • Keeps skin and hair healthy, removing contaminants.

  • Removes chlorine and ammonia from city water.

Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers

UV light filtration uses ultraviolet light to kill certain bacteria in water without removing or adding any chemicals or other minerals from the source water.

  • Removes E.coli, Algae, Salmonella and other harmful bacteria from water.

  • Removes bacteria from water better than any other filter system.

  • Does not add chemicals to the water.

  • Does not remove any minerals or particles from the water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis systems provide you with an almost completely pure source of drinking water. It's cheaper than bottled water and much better for the environment. If you're concerned about harmful chemical and contaminants in you're water, then you will want a Reverse Osmosis System.

  • Removes 99% of water impurities.

  • Filtered impurities are washed away with the waste water.

  • Has 4-stages: Sediment, Carbon, R.O. Membrane, and Polishing.

  • Easily fits under sink.

  • Various size and price options.

  • Dedicated faucet can be added.

Ultrafiltration Filter Systems

A three-stage Ultrafiltration system is a less expensive way to purify your drinking water. It removes harmful contaminants above .1 micron in size without creating wasted water. It is a great low cost option for drinking water purification.

  • Ultrafilter removes contaminants above .1 micron in size.

  • No waste water created.

  • Can easily be added to a refrigerator water system.

  • Removes most contaminants from source water.

  • Easily fits under sink.

  • Dedicated faucet can be added.

  • Cheaper than a Reverse Osmosis Filter.

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