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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Do you provide bottled water service?

Answer 1

Please visit for bottled water deliveries and service.

Question 2

Are the bottleless water coolers permanent or are they rented?

Answer 2

The water coolers are rented for a monthly fee, and includes installation, maintenance and service in the monthly rental fee.

Question 3

Do you provide maintenance on the equipment after installation?


Answer 3

Yes. We provide maintenance on all the equipment we sell and install. Maintenance for rentals are free. Maintenance for outright bought equipment is provided at a low cost.

Question 4

Do you install the water coolers, water softeners and filtration systems?


Answer 4

Yes. We install everything we sell.

Question 5

How much does a water softener / bottleless water cooler / water filtration system cost?


Answer 5

The cost of all equipment varies depending on individual needs. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

Question 6

Do you service equipment bought from and installed by another company?


Answer 6

Usually we are able to service and repair any equipment purchased from a different supplier.

Question 7

Can you install equipment I bought from a retail or online store?


Answer 7

Yes. We can install equipment you bought from another supplier. Gives us a call or email for a quote.

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